Our Financial Review Service

We recognise that the one constant you will confront in the pursuit of your goals and objectives is change. Changes in your outlook on life, your personal circumstances and your priorities – all changes that occur in the midst of a constantly evolving legislative framework and economic environment.

At the heart of NeoWealth Management is our Review Service. It provides a formal structure to ensure your strategy remains current at all times and you are kept informed as to how you are progressing towards your targets.

Uniquely, we are absolutely committed to personalising our ongoing service to your specific requirements and the manner in which you wish to deal with us. As a result, we do not believe in assigning clients to tiered service packages. In fact, we find that such models often lead to clients paying for services they either do not use or gain a benefit from.

Our approach involves working with you to construct an ongoing support structure that complements the complexity and breadth of your wealth strategy. The services that can be drawn upon to construct a suitable package include:

  • Formal face-to-face strategic and investment reviews held on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis
  • Active management of your investment portfolios including monitoring and rebalancing the underlying investments along with handling any corporate actions
  • Provision of year-end investment portfolio reports and taxation summaries
  • Capped brokerage on direct equity trades
  • Year round access to your dedicated NeoWealth Management adviser
  • Liaising directly with your accountant, mortgage broker and/or legal advisers to ensure they remain abreast of your strategy
  • Attendance to all compliance and administrative paperwork
  • Invitations to educational workshops and seminars.

We often find that as you progress through the 'Advice Pathway’, it will become evident which of the above services will be required to optimise your strategy. Your NeoWealth Management adviser will also recommend what they believe is appropriate for your circumstances.

As expected, the annual fee associated with forging an ongoing relationship with NeoWealth Management directly relates to which of the above services you elect to receive. Once this arrangement is agreed, we will then be in a position to inform you of the fixed dollar fee that would apply.

What to Expect from a Review Meeting

At the centre of the Review Service are our formal strategic and investment reviews. The following graphic is designed to provide you with an understanding of the steps leading up to, and following, these important meetings:

  • Review Meeting is Scheduled

    Review Meeting is Scheduled

    A formal invitation is sent out four weeks in advance of your ‘review month’.

    This extends you the flexibility to nominate a date and time that suits your availability.

    Where no response is obtained within two weeks of the original invite being sent, a courtesy call is placed by your NeoWealth Management adviser.

  • Client Preparation

    Client Preparation

    We find the most successful review meetings are those you assist in shaping.

    As such, in advance of each formal review meeting, you will be extended the opportunity to:

    • Advise if any changes in your personal circumstances have emerged since our last review
    • Nominate any specific matters you wish to discuss and/or us to investigate.

    You will also be encouraged to provide updated information on your asset and liability position as it stands prior to the review meeting. This will assist in determining how you are tracking relative to your original plan.

  • Formal Review Meeting

    Formal Review Meeting

    The delivery of a successful review meeting is an essential part of our company ethos. It is for this reason that each meeting is meticulously planned and structured into a formal agenda.

    Each meeting will seek to:

    • Re-confirm your goals and objectives
    • Track your progress versus the projected plan
    • Provide you with an update on economic conditions, investment markets and our outlook for the future
    • Discuss, and where necessary, adjust your strategy to take account of legislative changes
    • Revisit your overall wealth strategy
    • Revisit your risk profile, asset allocation and risk management plans
    • Assign responsibility for the resulting ‘Action Items’.

    As a guide, we generally find each review meeting runs for approximately 1 hour.

  • Development of Advice Recommendations

    Development of Advice Recommendations

    At the completion of the review meeting, your NeoWealth Management adviser will proceed to document their recommendations into a ‘Statement of Advice’.

    In line with your preference, this report will then be emailed, mailed or presented in person.

    Our ambition is to ensure you understand and feel 100% comfortable with the advice proposed and content of the Statement of Advice. As such, if you have any questions or require further clarification please contact your adviser.

  • Implementation of Advice

    Implementation of Advice

    Upon your acceptance of our advice, we will coordinate the implementation of all advice recommendations.

    This will include:

    • Compiling all relevant documentation for your signature
    • Liaising with your accountant and/or solicitor
    • Proactively tracking each ‘action item’ until all strategy recommendations are implemented.


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