Points Of Difference

NeoWealth Management is about being new, being different, and importantly, bringing a modern approach to advice.

So what sets us apart from the traditional financial planning model?

NeoWealth Management

Other Organisations

100% privately owned and non-institutionally aligned at all levels Owned and/or affiliated via their dealer group to large financial institutions
Highly skilled with industry leading qualifications and accreditations Mixed bag of qualifications and accreditations
Access to a wide range of products and services available across the industry Focus on promoting in-house products and services
No sales targets Driven by ‘quick wins’ and KPIs
Transparent fee-for-service pricing structure Multi-layered and confusing fee arrangements
Advice solutions are tailored to the specific goals and objectives of each client Off-the-shelf ‘templated’ solutions
Strategies are explained in a succinct, easy to understand way Advice riddled with industry jargon and technical terms
All clients are equally important and valued Focus is on those clients with significant financial assets
Principal focus is on building long-term relationships No relationship longevity due to high staff turnover and organisational restructures
Robust review service Limited infrastructure to deliver a valuable review service and track client’s financial progress
Holistic service offering Limited advice capability
Agile and responsive Slow to implement change and produce advice
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