Our Advice Pathway

When developing your financial plan, NeoWealth Management draws on a tested pathway to ensure you obtain a comprehensive and high quality outcome. This pathway not only enables us to develop a thorough understanding of your personal circumstances, but it extends us the opportunity to introduce and explain to you those strategies that will assist in meeting your lifestyle objectives.

The following model illustrates our ‘Advice Pathway’. It highlights what to expect from each of our face-to-face meetings and the outcomes that will follow each stage.

We do understand however, that not all clients’ advice requirements are the same and that less steps will be appropriate in certain circumstances.

  • Introductory Meeting

    Introductory Meeting

    Defining the scope of the engagement

    This meeting is provided entirely at our expense and infers no obligation on your part to proceed further.

    It provides a forum to listen to what you are seeking from a professional adviser, understand your drivers for seeking advice and make high-level enquires as to your current financial arrangements. This will establish whether we can be of service to you.

    If we believe we can deliver value, we will explain how we can help you, our process for delivering advice and the costs of our services.

    Should you wish to proceed, we will leave you with a Financial Questionnaire to complete. This document, which we would require in advance of our next meeting, enables you to provide us with a preliminary overview of your situation at it presently stands.

  • Understanding You

    Understanding You

    Discussing any gaps in the data captured

    This is where we delve a little deeper into how you see the future, how much your current lifestyle costs, what financial commitments you have and what aspirations you hold.

    We will discuss your attitude towards investment risk and clarify any questions we have relating to your existing financial position.

    At the conclusion of this meeting, we will have a clear understanding of your values, goals, objectives and concerns.

  • Strategy Meeting

    Strategy Meeting

    Introducing your strategy alternatives

    This is a highly interactive session designed to introduce and examine the various strategy alternatives available to you. We will draw on sophisticated modelling software and explain the relative pros and cons of each strategy being considered.

    Through your input and our guidance we will begin to set the foundations of a strategic framework and start mapping your path forward.

    We will then adjourn to commence formally drafting your financial plan.

  • Advice Presentation

    Advice Presentation

    Addressing any queries and questions

    Once your Statement of Advice has been completed, we will arrange a meeting to take you through our final recommendations in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. Our aim is to explain what can be complex concepts and industry jargon in plain English so that you can fully understand how we will manage your money.

    We will step through the list of recommendations in your Statement of Advice, and explain the impact each will have on your financial situation.

    We will also provide you with a succinct 1 – 2 page ‘Action List’ which chronologically assigns each implementation item to either yourself, us or a third party.

  • Review Meetings

    Review Meetings

    Tracking Progress

    Learn more about our Review Service

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